A harmonious workplace is beneficial for employee morale and boosts productivity. Sometimes problems crop up in the workplace. An employee may become unwell, sustain an injury, have a grievance or may start to show symptoms of burnout. It is often difficult in these situations to know exactly what to do. We provide a variety of Employee Assistance Programs that help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact job performance, health and wellbeing.

We provide the following workplace solutions:

Rehabilitation Programs

We are a provider under the NSW WorkCover system to assist injured workers in returning to work. We provide pain management programs and rehabilitation support.

Trauma Counselling

We provide critical incident debriefs, one-on-one counselling and group counselling for employees who have experienced violence in the workplace, for example armed holdups, bullying.

Conflict Resolution

We provide grievance mediation services.

Wellness Programs

We provide a number of unique strategies to promote employee wellness including stress management, improved work/life balance, coping strategies, behavior modification and self care for support workers.