Stress Management


Work Life balance

Tension and stress-related illness are often significant indicators that our lives are out of balance. A skilled and trained professional can help you identify the specific points of imbalance in your life and help you plan to achieve healthy and lasting balance.

Goal Maintenance

Probably one of the most stressful things for people can surprisingly be setting goals and sticking to them. That weight loss regime can look great as a new years resolution, but how often do we set goals and actually follow through on them? A psychologist can help you identify the blockages that impede achieving goals in your life. Goal achievement and success are very much an important part of living psychologically well, get started today!

Self Care

Do you feel that the pressures from those around you can sometimes be too much? Do you feel that you give a lot and receive very little in return? Learning to care for yourself is an essential skill and level of discipline that is vital to overall health and well being. Often people who work in professions caring for others struggle in this area. We offer services to both individuals and organisations to help people learn the art of self care.

Psychological Wellbeing

Be confident and competent in all you do and the decisions that you make. Learn to grow in self acceptance knowing your true purpose in life. Master how to maintain autonomy whilst at the same time being able to have fulfilling and trusting relationships with others. Everyone can benefit from enhancing their psychological wellbeing, so if you are ready to become authentic in all you do give us a call