Pain Management


We offer individual psychological consultations and structured counselling programs for those suffering from chronic pain and illnesses as follows:

Rehabilitation Services

Impact Change offers psychological injury management services for clients who have been injured at work or in a motor vehicle accident. When injured, a person may be dealing with a level of psychological trauma that may inhibit their overall wellbeing and prevent any successful attempts to return to work. At Impact Change we have a unique approach to motivating clients to achieve an optimal return to work by skillfully identifying the trauma and creating a treatment plan to effectively manage it. We also provide adjustment to injury services for those adjusting to more serious injury and illness.

Chronic Pain

Pain conditions can be debilitating and it often seems so frustrating when you can’t find an answer. Commonly, depression, anxiety and stress accompany pain and this can make the whole situation worse. We can help you deal with these issues and assist you to manage your pain in a more effective manner. We approach the issue of pain from a neurological perspective, giving you the necessary tools to manage your pain more confidently and help you overcome any fear avoidance you may have.

Chronic Illness

Often, after a diagnosis of a major disease such as cancer, heart disease or an auto-immune illness, a person may feel shock, stress, depression and a sense of loss. We can help you cope at this difficult time by assisting you to manage these psychological symptoms. We assist you by maximizing your overall wellbeing whilst you go through both the treatment and recovery stage.